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About Us

Helping You to Create a Compliant Workplace


Betsy Rader graduated from Yale Law School over thirty years ago and has practiced employment law in a wide variety of positions.  She's litigated employment lawsuits for large and small companies as well as employees. She led employment law compliance for Ohio's largest employer as Senior Counsel at the Cleveland Clinic. 


Betsy served as the Senior VP of Human Resources for a family-owned business and has worked closely with many human resources departments. She also has graduate certification in Healthcare Corporate Compliance. 

Betsy knows that to create a compliant workplace, you need to cultivate a culture where everyone wants to do the right thing when problems arise and knows how to make that happen.  Betsy's training, investigation and dispute resolution services can help you to create that culture. 

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Innovative and Interactive Training


When you care about communicating with your employees about important topics like sexual harassment, you don't want to waste their time with ineffective on-line training or boring lectures.  Betsy is an engaging and popular speaker who will customize training for your workplace, your policies, and your procedures.  Your employees won't just know the law - they will know how to do the right thing in your particular workplace.  


Interactive exercises and role playing will ensure that your employees are absorbing the material presented and that they even look forward to the next training!  Topics range from Sexual Harassment to Performance Management to Accommodating Disabilities, and Betsy can always create a training to suit your needs.



Betsy has conducted hundreds of workplace investigations involving not just employment matters but also fraud, embezzlement and other serious misconduct.  Because Betsy does not represent companies in litigation, she is truly neutral and can be trusted by everyone involved to perform a thorough and fair investigation.  Because she has worked within companies and not just with law firms, she brings a unique degree of practical perspective.

Conducting a prompt and thorough investigation creates a workplace atmosphere where employees can see that the employer wants to do the right thing.  Not only can a good investigation get to the bottom of problems and help you to select the correct course of action, but it can also constitute compliance with various legal requirements and diminish an employer's liability in certain circumstances.

About Us


Betsy's an energetic and exciting speaker, who uses interactive exercises to keep her audience literally on its toes.  She has worked with employees in diverse settings, from factory floors to hospitals to universities to hotels.  So she can engage your employees by relating her training to the situations they face in their unique workplaces.

Although Betsy has worked for a big national law firm, she's also spent much of her legal career working inside companies.  She's been a manager, an executive and a human resources professional, so she has the practical knowledge necessary to relate to your employees, and she understands your challenges too.

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Betsy's credentials, attention to detail, and well-written reports will inspire confidence in your employees and your leadership that a thorough and objective investigation has been performed.  Betsy has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation, and does not currently take on companies as litigation clients, so everyone involved in an investigation can trust her neutrality.

With a law degree from Yale Law School and graduate certification in Healthcare Corporate Compliance from George Washington University, she has sterling academic credentials.

Her experiences as a litigator in a major national law firm, as a plaintiff's class action attorney, as Senior Counsel at the Cleveland Clinic, and as the Director of a guardian ad litem program for abused children demonstrate  just some of the  settings in which she has conducted investigations.

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Early in her career, Betsy realized that many employment disputes could be kept out of court if employees had an internal avenue to express their grievances.  So 25 years ago, she developed an internal mediation process for her company that significantly reduced the litigation that the company had previously experienced.  As an early adopter of mediation techniques, Betsy became a popular speaker and consultant for companies wishing to decrease litigation.

Today Betsy can help your company when it needs a professional mediator to resolve workplace disputes.

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